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Imagine a complete, individual cookery course of English recipes in your own home, plus a superb collection of recipes, and you have Step-by-Step Home Cooking, a compact, informative cookbook which takes you right through the meal from start to finish - a permanent source of reference at your fingertips, where you want it, when you want it...

The key to good cooking is understanding the fundamentals, so Step-by-Step Home Cooking is divided into four sections - Soups and Sauces, Meat, Salads and Vegetables and Desserts - which begin at the beginning, with the basic techniques. All information is given in clear, everyday language and in logical order. The mouthwatering recipes included in each section are easy to follow and proceed from the simple to the more adventurous. All have been tested in our own kitchens and there are more than thousand full-colour photographs that make the techniques even easier to follow and the recipes a feast for your eyes even before they are cooked.

An invaluable source of reference, Step-by-Step Home Cooking is a book you can't afford to be without. Time symbols: an indication of preparation and cooking time is given for each recipe. This is calculated for beginners new to the techniques involved; experienced cooks can allow less time.

less than 1 hour
1-2½ hours
over 2½ hours

Weights and measures: both metric and Imperial measurements are given throughout, with Imperial figures appearing in square brackets. Metric and Imperial measures are not exact equivalents, so be sure to work with only one set of figures or the other.
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