Chilled Melon Soup

This soup should definitely take its place at the beginning of a meal. The cool, fruity flavour is sharpened by the addition of lemon juice and mint. The soup requires no cooking but must be well chilled before serving.

- 2 large ripe honeydew melons
- 4 lemons
- 45 ml [1½ tablespoons] freshly chopped mint
- pinch of ground cinnamon
- 125 ml [4 fl oz] natural yogurt
- 150 ml [¼ pt] thin cream sprigs of mint to Garnish

1 Cut the melons in half. Discard the seeds and scoop out flesh.

2 Reduce melon flesh to a puree using vegetable mill, sieve or liquidizer.

3 Squeeze the lemons and add the juice to the puree.

4 Stir in the chopped mint and cinnamon.

5 Cover and chill

6 Just before serving, beat the yogurt and cream together until smooth, and then stir into the soup.

7 Garnish sprigs of mint.
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