Types of Stock and their uses

Brown stock: so called because ingredients are colored by browning in fat before water is added. It is usually made exclusively from beef bones and meat, plus celery, onions or leeks, carrots and herbs. You may however, find some recipes which include veal or Chicken.
Uses of Brown stock:The ideal choice for brown sauces. Also for kidney, tomato and vegetable soups requiring good color and strong flavour, for moistening red meat casseroles and pies and, if very meaty and well-flavored, for aspics, clear hot and cold jellied soups.

game stock: a brown stock made from game carcasses and meat scraps plus beef bones (fresh or saved from making brown stock) plus vegetables, particularly celery, and complementary herbs.
Uses of game stock:Distinctive game flavour. Use for game soups, sauces to serve with game and to moisten game pies, pates and casseroles.

White stock: usually made from the bones and meat scraps of one or several of the following: veal, Chicken, rabbit, pork, mutton, Iamb, and ham, plus celery, root vegetables and herbs. Omit mutton, Iamb and ham for a general-purpose white stock and only use pork sparingly,
Uses of White stock:Delicate meaty flavour and pale color if based on veal or chi~ken. Use for cream soups, fine white sauces and aspics. A stock containing a lot of Iamb or mutton is ideal for Scotch and barley broths. Use ham stocks for soups and purees made with peas or other purees.

Household stock: white stock made from bones of a cooked ham, Iamb or veal joint or Chicken carcass plus any raw or cooked trimmings. giblets, bacon rinds and scraps plus vegetables and herbs are also added.
Uses of Household stock: Pale in color. Not as fine in flavour as white stock but very economical and useful for vegetable broths, simple white sauces and casseroles made with pork or veal.

stock.jpg" align="left" alt="Definition of stock" title="Definition of stock"> Chicken stock: white stock made with boiling fowl and knuckle of veal for maximum flavour. Cheaper versions use carcass, skin and giblets plus, poultry scraps; or giblets only. Always include celery, a few root vegetables and herbs.
Uses of Chicken stock:Good poultry flavour, pale color. An excellent general-purpose stock for all types of soups, sauces for vegetables and white meat dishes, moistening white meat casseroles and pies and boiling rice for savory dishes or for risottos.

fish stock: a white stock,made with heads, bones and trimmings of white fish, lemon, celery, a few root vegeta. biles and herbs. Turbot heads, halibut, sole and plaice bones are best. Add cheap fresh white fish to bolster flavour if bones are few.
Uses of fish stock:Almost colorless. Delicately flavored. Quickly made. Wine can replace some of the water. Use immediately for fish soups, poaching fish, fish aspics and sauces or rice to accompany fish dishes.

Vegetable stock: really neither white nor brown. A good way to use up scraps. Can be made from one or several of the following. celery stalks, trimmings from leeks and carrots, outer cabbage leaves, watercress stalks, mushroom peelings, outer lettuce leaves, young pea or broad bean pods and some vegetable cooking liquids.
Uses of Vegetable stock:Mostly used in vegetarian cookery. Color and flavour can be strengthened by lightly browning vegetables in butter before water is added. Blend all ingredients in a liquidizer to make an instant soup. Or strain off vegetables and use liquid for soups, braising vegetables, cooking pulses and for boiling rice.
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