White stock

White stock, with its more delicate flavour, is the perfect base for cream soups and special sauces.

MAKES ABOUT 1.25 L [3 pt]
- 2.25 kg [5 Ib] knuckle of veal, chopped and blanched
- 2 Spanish onions, sliced
- 3 large carrots, chopped
- 2 celery stalks, thickly sliced
- salt
- bouquet garni
- 6 white peppercorns

stock-01.jpg" alt="Cut vegetables into chunks. Put in a heavy pan with washed meat or fish bones" title="Cut vegetables into chunks. Put in a heavy pan with washed meat or fish bones">
1. Cut vegetables into chunks. Put in a heavy pan with washed meat or fish bones.

stock-02.jpg" alt="bring to the boil as slowly as possible" title="bring to the boil as slowly as possible">
2. Add cold water to the pan and bring to the boil as slowly as possible.

stock-03.jpg" alt="remove with a spoon or skimmer" title="remove with a spoon or skimmer">
3. When the thick foam forms into a definite scum, remove with a spoon or skimmer.

stock-04.jpg" alt="add herbs and seasonings" title="add herbs and seasonings">
4. When the scum has stopped rising in large quantities, add herbs and seasonings.

stock-05.jpg" alt="Half cover the pan and simmer" title="Half cover the pan and simmer">
5. Half cover the pan and simmer for as long as specified in the recipe used.

stock-06.jpg" alt="Skim and top up with boiling water" title="Skim and top up with boiling water">
6. Skim and top up with boiling water if the liquid falls below the level of the ingredients.

stock-07.jpg" alt="Pour the stock through a colander" title="Pour the stock through a colander">
7. Pour the stock through a colander into a clean bowl or pan. Reserve ingredients.

stock-08.jpg" alt="mop up fat with kitchen paper" title="mop up fat with kitchen paper">
8. If stock is for immediate use, mop up fat with kitchen paper or a slice of bread.

stock-08a.jpg" alt="cool stock a little" title="cool stock a little">
8a. OR cool stock a little then skim off fat with a skimmer or spoon.

stock-08b.jpg" alt="leave until completely cold" title="leave until completely cold">
8b. OR leave until completely cold, then scrape off solid fat.

stock-09.jpg" alt="Strain de-greased stock through a sieve" title="Strain de-greased stock through a sieve">
9. Strain de-greased stock through a sieve lined with fine muslim or cheesecloth.

stock-10.jpg" alt="Reheat" title="Reheat">
10. Reheat. If the flavoring is weak, boil rapidly to reduce and concentrate flavour. Season to taste.


- Second white stock: bones used for white stock can be re-used with fresh vegetables and herbs. Add a chicken carcass to bolster flavour.
- Cheap white stock: replace fresh veal knuckle with leftover veal, chicken, beef or rabbit bones, or a mixture of all these. Leftover pork, lamb or mutton bones can also be included but they must form only a very small proportion of the total bones if you want to make a general-purpose white stock.
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