Fresh Fruit: Make a Healthy Decision

Considering the state of America today in regard to weight and nutrition concerns, a lovely fruit basket is not a bad idea to have around. It's great to have a basket of fresh fruit in the kitchen for when you get those between-meals snack attacks, or especially if you enjoy sweets, a fruit basket close at hand can help thwart your unhealthy desires to snack on cookies or cupcakes etc.

Not only for yourself but also for your family and even for the friends who visit you it is great to encourage healthy eating habits. Eating fruit regularly is a good place to start. As a snack between meals, as part of your meal, or even as a substitute for those midnight sweets you crave. A basket of fresh fruit always stocked with your favorites is one of the best kinds of health incentives for the home.

If you have young children they can develop a real taste for nutritious foods if that is what they are eating at home. Encouraging children to have a piece of fruit instead of candy or cookies may not be something they mind too much. In fact, sometimes children will prefer fruits to other kinds of sweets because their taste buds have adapted to the flavor. This is one wonderful way to avoid child obesity as well as malnutrition, it will also carry over into the child's adult life, they will have healthier eating habits and continue those healthy eating habits.

Fresh Fruit: Make a Healthy Decision So keeping fresh fruit baskets in your home is a great idea-but what about the snacking you do away from home. I suggest keeping a few pieces of fruit in the office break-room, or make sure to bring a piece of fruit for lunch. It may even be a welcomed suggestion to keep a basket of fresh fruit in the break room for all of the employees-you know, instead of those doughnuts and cookies and fudge bars that always seem to appear.

Just because you are not skinny, that doesn't mean you get the nourishment you need. In fact, you could simply be building up all of the bad things for your body and none of the good. If you are not eating right, it is very important that you find healthy foods that you enjoy and try to make major changes in your eating habits.

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