Healing Foods

natural foods, like vegetables and fruits, which we eat every day have a healing power besides their great taste. It is recommended by doctors and specialists that we eat five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables every day, but how many of us actually do this? Although it sounds too much, once you make the decision it is easy to do.

You can start with the breakfast and add some fresh or dried fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, bananas, etc. to your morning cereal. Then a midday snack like an apple or orange and a vegetable meal or a sandwich with lettuce or tomato for lunch. You've had three servings already. You can replace your afternoon coffee with a healthy fruit smoothie and for dinner, you can start with a salad and two vegetable courses instead of one entry and one meat course. You have to slowly change all your eating habits towards the healthier one.

It is not just a tale that carrot is good for your eyes. It will really help improve your eyesight, if you get into the habit of eating some beta carotene rich carrot sticks instead of a candy bar. The more fresh and natural are the vegetables and fruits the healthier they are. Visit your local farms stand and choose the best looking, freshest cucumbers, tomatoes, apples or whatever catches your eye. They have a lot of vitamins that are good for you and they taste good as well. Also it is a great and interesting experience to pick a carrot out of the ground, wash it off and eat it. You should take your family to your local farm and experience this with your kids. While you are there get some of every fruit and vegetable you can find. Besides the great health benefits you will be getting from these healing foods, you will also be supporting the local farmers and natural foods.

The first step to a healthier lifestyle is changing your eating habits; you must start eating healthy healing foods instead of junk food which has no healing effect at all, on the contrary, is very harmful for your body. The choice you will make today, between healthy foods and junk foods will determine the future condition of your body. Just by eating natural vegetables and fruits, you will not have to see your doctor as much as those who do not and you will live a longer and healthier life than those who do not eat enough vegetables and fruits.

These fruits and vegetables we eat every day carry some special fighters which are known as antioxidants and they are essential for cleaning out our systems. You will start to feel much better and also to look better. Another thing you should add to your diet is bran which is also helpful for cleaning the system. Whole grains are great for your body to help cleanse itself and nuts lower your blood fat which lowers your cholesterol consequently. Low cholesterol is vital for lowering the risk of heart attacks.

In general, by starting to eat more healthily you will have a stronger immune system and the chances of you getting sick will significantly decrease.

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