The Right Bread

Aside from it being a processed food and full of carbs, 1 slice of bread is roughly 100 calories, and doesn't fill you up very well. when bread is a staple in your diet, you tend to snack on it, as well, since there are so many slices in a loaf.

I usually find that people who eat bread will eat about 4 slices a day, 2 being on a sandwich and the other 2 being snacks (as a snack before bed). That's 400 calories

However, not all breads are created equal. If dieting, sprouted grain type breads are excellent. Sprouted grains are good for a number of reasons, the main one being it is a "live food." Sprouted a grains' germ will convert a good portion of the seeds' starch into simpler sugars that the yeast can actually use. This process naturally helps sweeten the bread. But the key is it make the grains nutrients more available. You will still enjoy the same great taste as normal bread, but enjoy some healthy benefits as well.

bread.jpg" align="left" alt="Right bread" title="Right bread"> If you are unwilling to cut bread out of your diet, you should try to cut back on how much you are eating on a daily basis; or at the very least switch to a full grain, or even multi grain breads.

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