Vitamin A

Did you know that vitamin A is one of the less well-known vitamins even though it's actually a very important mineral to our overall health and fitness? Everyone seems to know about the benefits of vitamin C, especially in regards to cold and flu prevention and most people know of the benefits of vitamin E and that it can be very good for your hair, skin and eyes. But when you ask what is a good source of vitamin A and what is it used for you tend to get a blank look in reply. But despite this vitamin A is actually a very important vitamin to have and consume in our daily dietary needs in the right quantities.

Many consumers and health minded individuals who can answer the question what is a good source of vitamin A will often refer to carrots as being one of the best. Of course, most people have heard the old saying about carrots giving you good eyesight and night vision. It's one of those things that you heard from your grandmother that if you ate more carrots you would be able to see better in the dark. Actually, as with many old sayings, there is an element of truth in it because carrots do contain good levels of carotene and as a result high levels of vitamin A. This is also true of other foods such as sweet potatoes and tomatoes.

vitamin a If your doctor has told you that you need to increase your daily intake levels of vitamin A. and you would like to know what is a good source of vitamin A in your daily diet then probably the best way is to increase your consumption of these foods. Of course, you can also take a supplement however if you're considering doing this then it is probably a good idea to get your doctor to recommend one to you so that you take the right amount for your condition.

Unless your doctor advises you to take them supplements may not be the best way to increase your levels of vitamin A. Even if you are not fond of carrots, sweet potatoes and tomatoes but still want to know what is a good source of vitamin A then there are others such as peppers, milk and eggs, but you should still take your doctor's advice if you think that you may be experiencing a deficiency and need to supplement your vitamin A. Vitamin A is a very important vitamin but is also important to make sure that you're taking the right amount and not taking too much, especially if you are using supplements. So a quick visit to the doctor or even asking the pharmacist where you buy the supplements may be a good way to make sure that you are taking the right amount.

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