Fruits Containing Vitamin C

Finding fruits containing vitamin C is quite easy. All you need is a quick visit to your local fruit store, and more than likely, you will find an abundant supply of fruit that contain vitamin C.

What you might want to know is that not all fruits are equal when it comes to the quantity of vitamin C within them. In addition to this, the fruits that people commonly thought to have high amounts of vitamin C, actually have far less in comparison to the others containing this important nutrient. An example of this would be the over-rated orange.

Fruits Containing Vitamin C For quite some time now, the orange has always been displayed to the public as the symbol of vitamin C. Every time there is a commercial or story related to this nutrient, you would find the orange sitting at its side. Somehow, this sneaky fruit seemed to steal the spot light from big contenders like the acerola, tropical guava, baobab, and the champion of all, carrying thirty times more vitamin C than the orange, the one and only!

Okay, so these big contenders are not that easy to find in your neighbourhood fruit store, except for the kiwi of course. But let's face it folks, they are the champions, and should be treated as so.

Now before you decide to plan a major mission that will take you into the depths of the Amazon rain forest, and where you might have to come face to face with some nasty creatures you haven't even heard of, just so that you can get your healthy dose of vitamin C, take a deep breath and listen up first. Yes, the orange is over-rated, but just by drinking one glass of freshly squeezed orange juice; you will be getting more than the recommended dietary allowance of vitamin C for the day. Still want more? No problem! There are many other fruits like guava, peppers and the kiwi (which has four times more vitamin C than the orange) that you can easily find in your neighborhood fruit store.

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