Vitamin B12

Cobalamin or more commonly known as the B12 vitamin is one of the most important nutrients w need in order for our bodies to maintain a normal and healthy daily rhythm. You may not be aware of this but the B12 vitamin is the essential mineral needed to form energy by processing the fats, proteins and carbohydrates we absorb from the food we consume in our daily diet. Another primary function of the B12 vitamin is to help prevent heart disease and keep our immunity system functioning at the optimum level of protection from illness and disease. It does this by keeping our red blood cells healthy and free from impurities. The B12 vitamin is also charged with the responsibility of covering the nerves running through our bodies with a protective shell.

Vitamin B12 Many specialists consider the formation of healthy red blood cells as the most important function of the B12 vitamin. Truthfully, all of the body's cells need B12 in order to stay healthy. In particular, the white blood cell is dependent on the B12 vitamin for assistance in keeping our immune system functioning properly and effectively. As mentioned earlier the nerve structure of the body relies on the B12 vitamin to form an outer layer of fatty tissue for a protective covering. This fatty layer is important for all of the nerves running through our bodies but it is extremely critical to the nerves that run to the brain. If for some reason there is a deficiency on our B12 vitamin reserves then it's quite possible that the brain can stop functioning properly.

Fortunately the amount of B12 vitamin we need to function properly on a daily basis is a relatively small amount and with our ability to readily absorb it from eggs, liver, meat and fish we normally have enough available on a daily basis. In fact, in many cases we actually consume more B12 then we actually need. Normally our body will absorb about 50% of the B12 vitamin that we consume and any excess left over after its use is easily recycled helping to prevent a vitamin B12 deficiency from happening. On a side note - Vegetarians may be required to take a B12 vitamin supplement since they may not absorb enough of the mineral through their normal diet minus any meat or animal products.

If on the off chance the body does indeed suffer form a vitamin B12 shortage then a condition known as anemia, which is a deficiency of red blood cells normally leading to a severe lack of oxygen-carrying ability in the blood cells causing unusual tiredness and other lethargic symptoms. Two prime candidates for this type of deficiency include smaller children, based on their erratic diet and therefore lack of the proper amount of the B12 vitamin supplement and pregnant women due to their unborn child's absorption of B12 from the mother.

As you can see the importance of the B12 vitamin can't be stressed enough. Although easy to absorb from the consumption of food an improper diet could result in a deficiency that could prove hazardous to your health and daily living.

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